Fear can not be avoided or switched off

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Fear can not be avoided or switched off

Fortunately, we can learn to handle it. We'll come back to how it works better to control anxiety later.

So, having noticed that fear is rising in us, it is important to control our breathing through targeted abdominal breathing.

This helps us to better control our body in stressful situations, allowing it to relax a bit by breathing deeply. Because under stress and especially in a dangerous situation, we breathe completely differently than when we are relaxed.
Note: Controlled breathing helps you to relax.

Meditation and yoga exercises can help you to better focus on your breathing, so you can shut down faster in smaller stressful situations.


Watch your thoughts!
When fear appears, as a situation threatens to escalate, it is fatal to confront yourself with thoughts like the following:

what should I do against it?
why i am such a coward
I lose the fight ...

All these negative thoughts that accompany your fear are, in my view, highly counterproductive.

Register your fear. Because it is completely okay to be scared. Your opponent also has it very likely. But do not start to quarrel with your thoughts and doubt yourself. This is not the time for self-doubt.

As soon as you are in combat with yourself, your opponent may feel it and gain a mental advantage.

So, before you begin to ponder, you should already have got into action. If you have been waiting too long and the musing is already in full swing, you have drastically minimized your chances of winning a fight.

In that case, it's better to use the escape reflex and get out of the danger situation.

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